The Library

It’s ridiculously quiet in here.

I understand that it’s meant to be a library where others are quiet in respect of people studying or concentrating on what they’re reading but all I feel is pressure.

Are people watching me from behind their paper masks, pretending to be observing what events are unfolding on their page? or are they observing what the way that I move and how I breathe?

Do they peer around from their computers every so often as to make sure that I’m not causing mischief because of my adolescence?

Or is it my social anxiety that cripples my judgement of others’ judgement and makes me think that people are watching every minuscule thing that I do.

I almost want to say ‘fuck it‘ to my intuition and it probably is only me.

but there’s always that feeling that even the books may be watching; that each protagonist are fine tuned to the behaviours that happen outside their own story.

For how can I be sure?

I will never know what really happens inside the library.




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